Papertrey Ink Stamp a Faire 2013 - Meet and Greet

Good morning! I'm participating in SAF today. It starts at 12 noon for me, I live in the UK, so I'll watch and complete the other half of the SAF day tomorrow.

This is my pose in the SAF apron! The challenge I'm most looking forward to is the Scratch and Sniff stamping. Thanks to Joyce  for sending me Jello and Kool-Aid (these are American groceries). I'm yet to buy the muslin as there were 3 types in the shop and the shop assistant asked me what it was for when I replied tea-staining but I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with it I decided to go back when I did know!



  1. Such fun to see a picture of you. All your creations are just wonderful. I looked at all of them. Glad the jello and kookaid worked out for you. I bought some for myself, too, mistakenly threw some of the away, and then never got to watch the video for the scratch and sniff--silly me, but I will get to it at some point.


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