It's really hot in the UK (30C) which is great for my cold as it's getting better and today I could actually taste what I was eating!
After seeing a blue tulip print I decided to stamp some but wish I'd spritzed a bit more now as I'd like it lighter in places. I did try the 2/3 step stamped tulips which I didn't like wet because it looked so dark but it's actually dried much prettier.
I had the die cut word on my desk from another project so decided to finally use it for this anniversary card. (The stamped word is couple as the ribbon blew while I took the photo obscuring the view.)
Not long now to SAF- looking forward to participating.

Best wishes


  1. Beautiful blue tulips! Don't you wish they came in this color? Love them behind the gorgeous ombré sentiment

  2. Love your blue tulips--such an artsy look with the water causing the blue to have different shades.

  3. Your ombré word die-cut looks fabulous with your blue spritzed tulips, Victoria. Great card!

  4. Beautiful card Victoria! Never would have thought of doing blue tulips, but I have to admit I really, really like them!! And your ombre sentiment over the top is perfect...truly a lovely, lovely card!! :0)

  5. What a great idea to use this stamp as one layer! It's so striking in the blue color with just a hint of coloring on the word.

  6. It's beautiful, Victoria! Love the word die over the tulips!

  7. WOW, Victoria, this is simply beautiful!
    I love the pretty blue.


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