SAF 2016: Gilded in Gold

...well I decided to change that to gilded in silver as I have some wrapping paper to match with the tags I've made. The liquid leaf does dry really quickly and is smelly (I opened all windows) but the smell goes pretty quickly.
 on this tag I brushed freehand but then decided to mask off (post it notes) and preferred that look on the tags

I've never used coloured card for tags before and love the look. Really enjoyed using this product to make my gift packaging look much better. The liquid leaf did seep through to show on the back of the tag so I die cut another tag and glued them together.

Thanks Danielle,


  1. Great idea using silver leaf Victoria! I think I am going to go back to Michaels to get the silver too!

  2. I love the silver - I tend to use silver more than gold in general. Your tag turned out gorgeous!

  3. The silver is so pretty with the teal. Good idea to use a post it note too. I agree with the smell.

  4. Love the silver with the aqua mist! Great job!


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